Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Chalkboard Solution

The Hunnie and I love our condo close to the beach.  But, as with most things, there are things we're not so pleased with.  One of those "things" was the side of our pantry that faces the living room and us, and anyone who visits, with it's ugly remnants of adhesive left-overs where the last tenant removed whatever it was that they had stuck there.  Not so pretty.
Because our home accents are black and red, I thought it would be a "crafty" idea to paint that small 11" wide section with some Black Chalkboard Paint.  So, instead of really wrecking that area completely with black paint we could never get rid of when we leave, Hunnie thought it would be even "craftier" if we painted some thin board and attach it to the side of the pantry. 

After a trip to our local Home Depot, we came home with two boards, cut to fit perfectly!  Of course, I had a jar of Folk Art Chalkboard Paint, so I got to work rolling.  I rolled on three coats of Chalkboard Paint!  I also rolled the backs of the boards with Folk Art Licorice because I've learned over time that when you're painting thin board, it's best to paint both sides so the board doesn't warp.  This worked well.

I used some blue painters tape to tape off the borders I wanted and painted them Folk Art Lipstick Red.  Two coats worked well.

Hunnie used black screws to attach the board to the pantry.  He's so handy!

I'm so happy with the way this turned out.  I love Chalkboard Paint! 


  1. Thanks, hun, it's very handy, also!

  2. Glad to see another post, yay! This is super easy and so fun! It makes a total difference!

  3. Very easy. The hardest part was finding the time to go to Home Depot! It was about a one hour project from start to finish! Thanks for the comment, Ameh!