Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Craft Room - Episode One

A craft room of my own has always been a dream of mine. I've been a professional crafter for over 20 years for Plaid Enterprises and have had the good fortune to work in their Design Studio for 10 years now, where everything is possible, and anything you might need to create a project is at your fingertips. I guess I've been a bit spoiled. Ahhh, yeah, I've been spoiled.But now that I've left Plaid, and followed my heart, and Hunnie, to California, I have the opportunity to create my own craft room! And I am excited!

This is the second bedroom in our new place. Eventually, it will be my craft room. A little bit of hard work, a lot of organization, a few Monster energy drinks, and I will be the happiest girl in the world. All the crafty-goodness is in those boxes there.

And I have an idea for that wooden bench that Hunnie built a couple of years ago and has been hauling around because he can't part with it. It's there, in the corner with more boxes stacked on top. The crafty-goodness is taking over. But that's not necessarily a bad thing, now, is it?

Oh, and the Craftsman Toolbox....with all it's wonderful drawers and storage space? Um, Hunnie doesn't know it yet, but he's lost that, too.

So, for now, I clean. And stay on the lookout for the "perfect" storage solution for all my paint, brushes, glues, finishes, paper, scissors.....you get the picture. I'm on a mission, and it's pretty exciting.


  1. Yeah! I'm your first commenter ever! I love it - you rock! xo

  2. And...I'm the second...alas..always a bridesmaid :) So excited for you and love your blog..looking forward to the next!

  3. Hey Holls, it is so nice to see that you have your blog up and running! I cannot wait for the next entry!