Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Craft Room - Episode Two

The Hunnie and I went on a little trip to the Home Depot recently, in search of the "perfect" storage solution for the craft room.  There were other things on the list, too, of course, but it was our goal to find something functional and nice to look at to store all that crafty-goodness that awaited me inside all those boxes!
The first thing we saw, as we rounded the "storage" corner was the wonderfully beautiful  Martha Stewart Storage Cubbies!  There were fabric drawers in eye catching colors that fit perfectly inside the cabinet.  Impulse Buyers that we are, Hunnie and I started loading the cart!

This is the finished cabinet with all it's clever fabric drawers.  It's empty now but not for long.  Back to Home Depot....

Then I had an inspiration....since we were going to look for paint to cover the work bench that would soon be my work table, I thought it would be a good idea to see if Home Depot carried the Martha Stewart paint line.  They did. This made me very happy.  I picked the Bay Leaf color in the Matte Finish, gave Hunnie the paint chip and asked him to get me a quart.  He did question the amount of the paint, thinking it wasn't enough, but I told him to trust me, I knew what I was doing. 
There was this great idea forming inside my head.  I just needed a few sanding sponges, a Glazing Medium, and room to work!  I want a work table that will inspire me, make me smile, and look great alongside my Martha Stewart Storage Cubbies! 


  1. Beautiful, sis! But, I have one question. Why isn't my picture on the wall? If you need one, I'll get you one. Size appropriate, of course!

  2. Can you say "green with envy"? I have just a little corner to craft in. I wish I had a whole room. Envy, envy, envy.