Friday, March 18, 2011

Simple Puzzle Project

My sister is a Scottie Dog fan.  A big fan.  She has a collection of these adorable dogs that she's been adding to for years.  It always makes me smile when I see them, some are beautiful, some are old, some are wearable, but all of them bring a smile to your face no matter how grumpy a day it is. 
She received, as a gift, a wonderful wood scottie dog, cut into several large puzzle pieces.  Adorable.  Very clever.  And, a definite original for her collection. 

Of course, I had to paint him. 

I painted the large dog with Folk Art Wrought Iron, and the little guy with Folk Art Licorice.  I painted the base Apple Red and then dotted it with Wicker White.  Easy enough.  But, I wanted to make him look like he had fur and I knew just how to do it! 

I used my rake brush, a little water, and some Folk Art Battleship Gray.  I love this rake brush.  The bristles, at the end, are clipped far apart, so when you just use the tip of the bristles and drag them along your surface, you get these great detail brush strokes.  It took quite awhile, I'll admit, to paint fur on both sides and the outer edges, but I think it was worth it! 

I sealed him and his little buddy with Mod Podge Gloss Sealer and left him to cure for a bit so the pieces didn't glue themselves together while he dried, and glued a little red bow to his "good" side.  He's ready to be shipped back home to my sister now.  I'll be a little sad to see him go.  He's been sitting on the windowsill in my craft room all week.....making me smile. 

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  1. It's a cutey-patootey! She's going to love it. I'm going to have to feature this tomorrow . . .